AMSL 6 vs 6 Leagues

Top 10 Rules:

1. All players must be 16 years of age or older.

2. Teams are required to bring their own ball to games. Failure to bring a ball will result in a goal forfeit.

3. A minimum number of 4 players shall be required for a scheduled match, if a team does not have at least (4) players within 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, they shall forfeit the game 3-0. Teams who arrive (10+) minutes late to the field will forfeit (1) goal to the opposing team.

4. A team shall be permitted to use as many substitutes as desired in any game (unlimited substitutions).

5. Players who receive a red card must leave the field entirely and might be subject to further discipline, including (but not limited to), suspension or expulsion from Arizona Major Soccer League’s events and tournaments. Monetary fines range from $25-$50.

6. Players, as well as coaches, managers, and team supporters are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the law as well as the letter of the law. Displays of temper or dissent by word or action against an opponent or Referee are cause for ejection from the game.

7. Only players are allowed on the field! Any spectator or substitute player that enters the field during game play without consent from the referee may entirely cause the game to forfeit in favor of the opposing team.

8. Clean up your trash before you go.

9. Coed Requirement: There must be a minimum of 2 girls (per team) on field at all times. Teams who do not have a minimum of two girls present can play down a player; so if “Team A” only has 1 female, they can play 4 men + 1 woman = 5 players total. The game will be played 6 vs 5.

10.  ABSOLUTELY NO BEER ALLOWED! AMSL does not allow anyone (any age) to bring any kind of alcohol, including beer, to the field. PERIOD.



Reminder: Referee’s calls are final, there will be no protesting.